Making money through Google AdSense alternatives

Google AdSense is the best advertising platform on the global network, and no one can deny that fact. Millions of advertisers trust this approach, and thousands of website owners, bloggers, and businesses earn a lot of money through AdSense. However, not everyone can do a lot in this system. You know how strict Google is with TOS, and many publishers are kicked out, so all existing revenue is confiscated. If you think this procedure is not for you, or if you do not want all the eggs in a basket, please check the following alternatives and let your heart decide.

  1. Chitika – do you have traffic from the United States and Canada? This is an opportunity for you to monetize your unique visitors. Chitika Premium Ads is a great online advertising network that offers publishers the opportunity to make money from daily clicks. The best thing for this show is that the ad will only show to the target visitor. This means that if the visitor is not from Canada or the United States, he will not see the ad. In this way, you will not be bothered by your readers who are not interested in advertising
  2. Adbrite – This is another good choice for AdSense. What does it need? Of course, you have to have a website. If you want to succeed in this program, you also need a lot of traffic. You install the code and wait for the dollar to enter. Once you reach $ 100, they will send you a payment by check. Most importantly, you can choose an ad unit, whether you think it's suitable for your audience. It can be a content ad, an online text ad, a banner ad, or a full page ad.
  3. Bidvertiser – Did you use AdSense incorrectly? If so, you can try your luck with Bidvertiser. It's almost similar to Google AdSense, but most publishers are concerned about Bidvertiser that once you reach $ 10, you can make money. Do not need a long wait. Unlike other ad networks that require you to reach a $ 100 threshold, you can enjoy your earnings from Bidvertiser more quickly.
  4. Adgitize – Have a blog? Need traffic? Want to improve your Alexa ranking? Then this is your best choice. You must register your Adgitize account for two main reasons. First of all, advertising is very low, may be the lowest in the industry. For just $ 14, you can take full advantage of your blog or website. Second, you can earn advertising. Surprised Yes, you can make money by letting other advertisers place banners on your homepage. This is actually a win-win situation for everyone. You get traffic and make money at the same time

There are a lot of money making methods. If you are a webmaster, this is especially true. If you want to take this online business seriously, you have to start a blog or a website. The pursuit of their own areas, because the sub-domain income opportunities are very limited. Once you already have your own website, consider the ad network and start making money.