Market Share – Buy Low, Sell High

The stock market game is not very complicated: buy low, sell high. Anyone with free capital in today's market is busy picking up any common stock and they can find companies that analysts believe they will survive. why? Because their dollar today can buy more shares, which will expand in the future.

Many companies do not realize that the same principles apply to gaining market share in your industry. First, the price is low. With publishers and printers struggling to keep margins, there is a lot of bargain.

But can you "sell high" today? absolute. While many competitors are shrinking from the market, some people will appear in these turbulent times, buying the most high-end consciousness in the minds of consumers, eventually appearing at the other end of a spiking and bouncing economy as their king field.

Here are a few places to look at suggestions and people to fight when consumers tend to reverse and eager buyers to spend their new revival budget, which is the vendor who has bought their ideas and will make a big profit Phone If you want to buy the lowest "stock":

  1. You are in any print trade magazine in your niche advertising representative. Query for the remaining (or unsold) placements, or even advanced placements. Depending on the terrible extent of their sales, an estimated 50% of the rate card or lower.
  2. Find e-mail newsletters and websites with "house ads" on the main banner location. The house ad promotes the publisher itself, not the paying customer. This is a sure sign that they can not sell that place
  3. More daring (but with higher reward potential) … Find the industry's highest ranked blogger, whose site clearly lacks sponsorship ads. Offer to "buy their blog" and keep the writer writing for you. Many small time blogs will jump out of the sum of the exit strategies of the remaining benefits of the opportunity, you can now 100% of the traffic to your site.
  4. If B2C is your market, please note that all the highway billboards are now saying, "If this has been shown for a few months, the owner may be eager to get the space to go for a small amount if You can undertake long-term commitments.