Maximize the maximum value of MetaStock

The highest high-value function returns the maximum number of "data arrays" selected for a specified number of cycles. For example, suppose we want to identify the highest value of the volume in the last 10 cycles.

MetaStock Syntax: HHV (Data Array, Periods)

The data array _ will return the highest value of this array of data, for example,

Periods _ How many cycles do you want MetaStock to return when Metastock finds the highest value of the data array

This is an example of how to use this method.

The following formula identifies the highest value reached in the last 40 periods of the closing price:

HHV (C, 40)

Data Array = C

C = HHV (C, 40)

This is the method used in the more useful application of this example: The formula determines the highest closing price that security has achieved in the past 40 periods. It then checks to see if the current closing price is equal to. In other words, we require MetaStock to determine whether security has just reached a new 40-cycle high.

Because of the versatility of MetaStock, many of the formulas we use can be rewritten in other ways. For example, perhaps a better way to check if safety has already produced a new 40-cycle high may be:

C> Ref (HHV (H, 40), -1)

See if the current proximity is greater than the highest value in the last 40 cycles prior to the current cycle (represented by & # 39; Ref (HHV (H, 40), -1)). See Reference Function (Ref) on page 75 for more information on using it in this formula

If you are new to Metastock formulas, this may seem complicated or confusing, but once you get it Find out why it is used by so many professional traders