Mobile Marketing CAN-SPAM Chaos, Beware of TCPA Bite

Started to manage the number of mobile operators' marketing staff and asked if they were in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. Mobile marketing and consumer choice The assumption managed by the CAN-SPAM regulations is a big result because it enjoys a high profile and overlaps with e-mail and wireless operators' SMS services. However, the accidental "telephone consumer protection law" (TCPA) bite in 1991 has been worse than its bark.

In view of the phone's main marketing contact channel SMS enabled in 1991 when TCPA was not established, so many marketers think it is limited to ruling, it is not surprising that telephone marketing voice calls. Although Members of the Legislative Council were not aware of the news at that time, the FCC and several court rulings considered that "calls" could indeed include text messages, not just voices. There is no doubt that we will see future legal challenges, but now it seems that case law is becoming more and more clear, has a significant impact on mobile marketing staff.