Multicultural Leadership

In a growing global and pluralistic economy, racial and cultural coexistence exists – how do we lead and create opportunities in different community outcomes, community prosperity. Leadership is the process by which one affects others to accomplish a goal and directs the organization to complete a common task. It is one of the most relevant and important aspects of the organizational environment. Leaders must be trustworthy and able to convey a vision – "the company needs to go to the place"

With globalization, the world is getting closer and more and more companies employ each nationality, age And race. Labor diversity not only needs to change our leadership style, but also needs to change our internal and external customers

In the case of external customers – multicultural marketing helps companies strategically plan marketing, how to effectively reach The client, by studying his behavior. This needs to understand the customer's psychology, why he wants to buy a particular product. Every customer is unique, so you need to understand the lifestyle, culture and environment of the business target group. If you want customers to buy your products, marketing, advertising campaigns, slogans must be sensitive to customers. So for all of these, you need to understand the local market and then develop a marketing plan.

The diversity of internal staff means that to make a business successful, we not only need to incorporate different practices and values,

What is multicultural leadership?

o Multicultural Leaders do not care about individuals. It believes in a relationship. The focus is welfare, unity and harmony.

o People should work for the group before personal interests.

o social action, politely interactive, respect for others.

o It includes working together as a team to the company's success.

o Multicultural leaders believe that their employees are the best regardless of their cultural or ethnic background.

o Leaders should consider themselves as just another part of a team or organization, not a superior. Stop "you are the boss system".

o Although the external similar, everyone is unique. Successful businesses are those who learn to accept small differences that make our manpower and cooperation for the organization's greater benefit.

o In a multicultural leadership, to minimize conflicts, employees often remind us that we are all working together for a family. This makes the staff responsible for the company

o Allow everyone to share their spiritual beliefs with each other and provide free, acceptable beliefs for their employees. This sometimes helps employees to be mentally combined and work together for the company's goals

o develop the company's vision; share the ideas, ideas and suggestions of all employees.

A multicultural organization leader has some benefits and helps:

o understand and embrace diversification for a more pleasant workplace.

o Better handling multicultural clients.

o Create a healthy working environment and improve efficiency.

o do a better localization business

However, before embracing multicultural leadership, need to clarify why you want to change the leadership style, why do you think this model will be older than the old European model?