My Dog Ate Catnip!

When my dog ​​ate the cat, I immediately wondered if he would start running like a nut, or he would die. I do not know how to expect that I think we will discuss some things, will feel at ease.


  • It will not poison your dog! Most dogs do not have a negative reaction at all. Up to maybe some uncomfortable stomachs, but nothing significant. It was only because he had a lot of stuff. My dog ​​managed to eat the cat's two cat mice. no problem. His feces in the next day a little rogue, but there is no major concern.

  • He may start sneezing, but it will be the worst. You will not see your dog too sick and sneeze to be able to do anything else. It seems more like his nose dust. Basically, depending on where the cat is visiting it, it is likely to be from the cat into his nostrils. Whether it is in a bag or a part of the mouse that is kept together for most of the time. If he grinds the mouse, then he may have some cats in his nose!
  • When you buy a cat or your cat's cat toy you buy a natural, non-sprayed cat. If something is sprayed for some reason, you can always have something that is unknown in the product.
    If you start to buy a cat in a more natural state,

  • You may find that catnip has the same effect on your dog as your cat The If your dog starts running, crazy (but happy), then when your animal toy, you will get a 2 deal.
    • You can make your own "dognip" toy possible by putting the normal stuff out of the stuffings, the dog toy, and use fennel seeds or fennel The extract is refilled. Which makes a good cheap toy. Especially if you have some extra toys lying there to see a better stuffing day. This is a good way to recycle.


    • If you notice that your dog becomes exhausted, the cat is not a real problem and you may need to check his dog food options. There are a lot of dog food insecure and you may see these symptoms. Studying food takes some time, but make sure you take the time to do it.