Natural penis enlargement exercises – traditional penile exercise methods

Anyone who says penis size is not important is hypocrites. Men and women have to do a big penis. Although this factual information is not openly discussed, the fact remains unquestionable. So, guys, make you obsessed with the expansion of the penis. This obsession is achieved through different methods. But the manual method – all natural penis enlargement method is still the most effective.

In the practice of natural penis enlargement, the three are very commonly used.


This technique or movement can be traced back to the Arab elderly. They have been exercising their penis. The method used is popular today for jerq. While jerq is more of an extended length, proper movement and stress can also increase the length.

Like any exercise, warm-up is a must. So – warm your penis – massage it until it is semi-upright. Use your thumb and forefinger to make an OK sign and use these fingers to surround the base of your penis. Gently slide your hand toward the head – but do not go beyond it. When it approaches the head, do the same thing with the other hand. You have to make sure your blood enters your penis. Repeat the movement 25 times

The number of strokes can be increased by one week per week until the specified 250 jelqs are completed. It is recommended that you take 5 to 6 months and 5 times a week.


In contrast to jelqing, your penis should be slack or limp. Grab the head of your penis, one hand on the other hand, then pull a strong stretch. Hold for a few seconds, repeat 10 times. After that, relax your penis and take it to your thighs several times. Then you can repeat the process – the penis head points in different directions – up and down, left and right. And then as the final action, you can clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

[1945900] This exercise is marked as "sexual secret". why? In addition to amplification, the exercise has other features. It can control your ejaculation, it will help you have a penny like a rock as hard as it is. This is the perfect way to satisfy your sexual partner. In the process of sexual intercourse, your partner will not even notice the movement.

The principle behind this practice is to strengthen your myosin muscle (PC muscle). This is the muscle that extends from your anus to the scrotum. Exercises involve extrusion and release procedures. Find your PC muscle and use it to squeeze the release exercise. Do 20-30 times a day you can break the figures, do it twice a day.

You can start from these traditional or natural penis enlargement exercises. These have been tested for a long time. You do not need any equipment to do – they are traditional, functional and effective.