Navy Seal says wrestler is the perfect candidate to join the seal team!

The US Navy Seals were established in 1962 and are regarded by many military experts as the world's premier maritime commando.

– Support for Conventional Military Operations

– Anti-Terrorism

– Secret and Secret Secret Service

– Strategic Reconnaissance and Information Acquisition

– direct action tasks, including attacks, hostages and arrests of insecure enemy personnel, terrorists and war criminals

– all missions need to be inserted through sea and air

Candidates must have a basic underwater demolition / seal (BUD / S) at the Navalo Naval Base in Coronado, California. The six-month long course may be the most specific requirement of the US military, and some believe that it is not equal on a global scale. Wear rate is high – history, only 30% of people who enter BUD / S have successfully graduated

Navy leaders have conducted extensive research to try to find common personality traits, features and experiences from BUD graduates, S. Where a group of people have been standing on rest – candidates with amateur wrestling backgrounds have always been higher than BUD / S for all other candidates. Experienced frogs, many of which are former wrestlers, believe that wrestling requires many of the same personal qualities to successfully complete BUD / S. They cited the spirit and the resilience of the body, the work ethic and dedication, the endurance, the ability of self-reliance and the ability to become the main features of the wrestler and the naval SEALS

The wrestler was seen by many people It is not surprising that members of the wrestling community are the hardest athletes in the world, and their colleagues have achieved great success during the service of special operations forces. An active NAVY Seal in this article can not be named, is the NCAA National University wrestler, in the first national championship in the fifth, third, third. He believes that "the transition from the wrestler to the Navy seal is natural, both physically and physically," he has been directly responsible for his years of wrestling in BUD / S and eventually becoming a naval seal. He is interested in all the young people who have high school and college wrestling experience to visit or call the nearest navy recruiter and ask for specific information about the Navy Special Operations Plan.

The Marine Corps has recruited a recruitment slogan "We are looking for a few good people." It seems that the Navy Seals are looking at several good wrestlers!