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Basically, the legend and folk tales are unfounded. Most of us think that only small people with giants, fairies, fairies and ghosts exist in folklore. Legend tells us that small people are accustomed to living on the surface of the earth. They coexist with mankind. But because they were "big" people abused, they fell under the ground. We find stories about all cultures and small people around the world.

These villains living in caves, trees and lakes and rivers are often mischievous to people. These dwarves will hide the human property, will take the child away from the brutal parents. Some folk tales say that these little people show to the children, once the adults see, they will beg this person not to reveal their own existence. They will provide bribes and promise to help families when needed.

If there are friendly little people, there are cruel dwarves. North American Rockies Shoshone Indians also have folklore. The story of the dwarf vicious race is another generation after generation. According to the Shoshone story, Nimerigar is destructive and violent villain who lives in the Wind River and the Wyoming Mountains, especially Pedro range.

Nimerigar is a vicious little man. They will fight with human arrows with tiny bow and arrow. When Nimigny's disease becomes ill for their society, they are killed on the head. Many stories were told by these little people, but as in the past they were considered to be the product of someone's fertile imagination until 1932 found a skeleton presumed to be the body of Nimerigar.

Pedro Mountain Mummy also known as the Wyoming Dwarf Mummy was found by Cecil Lord and Frank Karl. The two gold prospectors blew a rock on the Pedro Mountains. They found the 14-inch mummy sitting on a small stone. The hands of the hands folded together, unlike the Buddha. Dark brown skin wrinkled; nose flat outward spread. Mommy has a low forehead, lips wide and thin. The mummy is well preserved and can actually see the nails clearly. The mummies are studied by archaeologists. X-ray shows the skull was hit by a strong blow. The fact that some experts have come to the conclusion that the skeleton is Nimerigar

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