One of the most popular fairy tales of all time "Hansel and Gretel" with some of the most lovable and disturbing fairy tales. Hansel and Gretel and Fairy Tale's Dark Age Hunger Themes

For this theme shows the potential cruelty of the parents, the darkness of the world without food and the ability of the children to work together to overcome the impossibility.

It is no coincidence that the French revolution took place during the bread shortage, or the Russian revolution came to the treatment of hunger.

The French Revolution is not a coincidence, nor is it a coincidence. Those who have high exploratory ideals in both cases have fought for many years to allow people to grow freely, but freedom always occupies the back seat of food and safety. For the farmers, the threat of hunger is very real and life is very dark

This may be the need for food, leading to the idea of ​​homoarianism in folklore, from witch to wicked Mothers in the "jungle" folklore matured with those who would eat other people especially children. So it is with the pattern of "Hansel and Gret", where desperate food drives people to do the most despicable acts, abandoning the child to death and attacking their food. Now it can be argued that this is the mother sent the child to die, but in the original story is not the case, the brothers can not stand the story of the dark reality, so

Molly Whuppie show This dark reality may be the most likely one of the most likely ways for parents with too many children to abandon them to death in the woods. It is interesting how easy it is for children to forgive children in all of these stories because when children find out their wealth overcame their usual intention to return to their parents' or at least one parent's woodland plot. It's always funny that while the parents give up their children dead these bad guys are usually a rich creature in the woods where the kids have to kill in the final eat or eat game

Molly Whuppie's The story stands out as one of the biggest examples of this game because the hungry child finds a good woman, puts them in, and then tries to protect them from fear of her husband. In return, the oldest girl of the three girls played the ultimate series of tricks to get his father to cut his daughter's throat and later beat his wife to death, even when the wife freed Morley from some death. Of course, the man had tried to murder Molly and her sisters, but the sisters did not do anything to save their deaths.

Nor does the wife deserve her because she tries to save the child from starvation. The message of this story seems to be that when the hungry hit, the kids should get rid of the sympathy of the rich, or steal them because they have the whole food house. Then the children should deceive these rich benefactors into their deaths in order to steal their treasures. Because this is the dark reality of the fairy-tale world we once lived in