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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is responsible for billions of dollars of Internet sales each year. Almost any type of online search for products or services has its own affiliate program. This means that there is a great opportunity to make money online through affiliate marketing. TV, pet supplies, software, or e-books can provide commissions to affiliate marketing personnel.

An enterprise that sells products online can reduce advertising costs by outsourcing advertising to affiliates. Most of these companies through the alliance network to achieve. Instead of forming an affiliate program for their own products, they are working with companies such as Commission Junction, Shareasale, Hydra, Pepperjam Network, Clickbank, and continue.

The sales of affiliate marketing staff are tracked through their member links. It contains its member ID, which shows the company that paid at the time of sale. Most member networks (80%) pay their affiliated commissions through CPS (per cost of sales). Many of these networks are also run by CPA (cost per operation). This gives the affiliate a chance to get a flat rate when a consumer buys a product, orders a product for free trial, or even submits contact information such as name, email, address, and phone.

So how do you start affiliate marketing?

Most affiliates start their careers by buying an affiliate guide. They have a variety of shapes and sizes, from e-books to web affiliate sites, videos, forums and so on. Most of these affiliate guides come from a place called Clickbank.

As mentioned earlier, Clickbank is one of the most popular online members of the network. It has more than 10,000 digital product libraries, including e-books, software and other non-physical products. Clickbank is where most affiliates start to use because the federated guide sold on Clickbank usually teaches people how to make money through Clickbank. In addition to this fact, the Clickbank product can be anything to lose weight e-books.


Information for sale. Clickbank has paid more than $ 1.2 billion to its affiliates and has proven that it can use a lot of money as a Clickbank affiliate. In fact, since October 2008 I have been making money in the world. I started getting slow, but now I will receive a commission check every two weeks.

The advantage of making an affiliate marketer as a way to make money online is that once you have established a successful source of income, all you need to do is change it regularly to make the most of your profits.

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