Online Research Stocks and Stocks

If you know where to look, there is plenty of free investment information found on the internet. To save time on search engines try to visit, which has many useful links to investment sites.

There are many different ways of investing, and none of them can be successful. Determining the basic analytical method, such as value investing or technical method, will determine the type of research you need to undertake.

Stock Screener

If you do not have a specific stock, try using the stock filter to start your journey. An inventory filter is an interactive online tool used to filter inventory that meets your selection criteria. Some screeners use technical analysis parameters to filter stocks based on their moving average, volume, momentum, or other price action on technical indicators. Free custom inventory filters typically have a variety of filters based on basic criteria (e.g., to yield price, subscription price, and debt to capital ratio).

Virtual Trading

Tracking Your Virtual Trading An interesting and harmless way to test your investment strategy, especially if they are for short-term capital gains.

Insider trading

Insider trading may be lawful and unlawful. For legal insider trading, directors and senior management announce their trading in stock on a publicly traded stock exchange. This public knowledge can be very useful. Insider sales may be a bearish sign, while an internal buy may be a bullish sign.

Institutional Ownership

Corporate ownership is also very useful. Mutual funds are counted as institutional investors, and their decisions come from their own research teams. Assuming their jobs are online, they have incentives to make good investment decisions. The recent increase in institutional ownership of a particular stock may reflect the study or some other information that may not be known, which could be seen as a bullish sign. Unfortunately, the reduction in institutional ownership of the stock you own may mean that the price of the stock has fallen. Consider the institutional ownership involved – especially given the sub-prime crisis, as some exposure to various mortgage-backed or junk bonds is in dire times, and assets may have to be sold.

Broker Advice

The advice of the division or broker is skeptical, no damage is seen in the recommended stock, and then do your own research. Company Research

If you arm yourself with some basic knowledge, you can investigate the company's future through annual reports and company announcements.

Economic Data

Interest Rates, Inflation, Employment and Wages Numbers, Emotional Surveys and Other Economies Data may have a positive or negative impact on different corporate sectors.