Our thin kids

Okay, there's already a lot of talk and debate about the health problems of overweight kids. While this is indeed a legitimate question, but it has caused all the attention of our child to another physical condition, which is as seriously affected by health, skin and skeletal syndromes or chronic underweight

Adolescents, girls Exactly, excessive exposure to print and broadcast media is considered to be thin and socially acceptable and the only way to look attractive and beautiful. They see the running model and the girl in the film's body, causing the guy's attention, they are always really slim.

Very rare, you see a real plump and fleshy woman is emphasized in a movie as a goddess, sought after, not the opposite. Most girls are always portrayed as external people, how they are unpopular and ugly, how they wish to be like a 90-year-old heroine, and always have a man's tongue hanging over her. No wonder our young girls think that getting rid of all their flesh is getting more and more popular and becoming everyone who turns around to want a friend. Therefore, taking into account this, they use a variety of diet and programs to lose weight and maintain physical condition, many times will damage their health and well-being.