Phone for the elderly – A How to Buy Guide

When is the phone not just a phone call? When it comes to special needs, the purpose and purpose of the phone changes. First consider the type – you can choose wired or no record. I suggest that at least one phone at home is at least a phone call. This generation grew up, just lifted a receiver to speak and hang it up. Using buttons to answer or hang up on a cordless phone can cause confusion – especially since many phone brands name their buttons as different answers and hang up, or they do not understand the symbols on the buttons. Wired phone is more practical and less confusing because the battery does not need to be charged on the phone

If a cordless phone is not properly placed in the charger – it does not charge, or the user can let the battery mold not put the phone On the charger. They pick up, it's dead – it's probably an old man is particularly confused. In addition, it is very important that you can always RELY in a wired phone – even in a power outage. The wired telephone receives a small portion of the electricity through the telephone line, which does not depend on the power of the home or office, like a cordless phone. Cordless phones can not be charged during power outages. Finally, when making sensitive information such as social security, medical insurance numbers and personal information, the cable phone is safer

Do you need to zoom in? According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 75% of the population has a certain degree of age-related hearing loss. Many elderly people experience hearing loss due to military service – especially when the ear is served many years ago without serious protection. First try to find out the degree of hearing loss. In general, up to 28dB of telephone is useful for mild hearing loss; moderate hearing loss of 30-48dB; and 50dB + for severe hearing loss. So, unless your elderly family members have more serious hearing problems, I would recommend a wired phone that provides enough magnification for mild to moderate hearing loss. Most have adjustable volume and tone to meet their needs. Remember that age-related hearing loss is usually progressive. Most modern magnified mobile phones do not just make the conversation more loud, they actually make the words clearer and easier to understand.

Simple. Many older people begin to experience at least some minor memory loss or other cognitive problems. If the phone is for your elderly parents, watch them how to use their current phone, especially if it is a cordless phone with bells and whistles. If they have a problem, please choose a simpler phone. A lot of time they will not come out and say I do not understand how to use this phone – they might say I keep calling the doctor's office, no one to answer the phone, or call the bell, I picked up no one there.

There are some phones that can use larger keyboard buttons, which are particularly useful for those who have Parkinsons or other tremors. When the hand shake, it is difficult to accurately press the small button.


If you choose a phone with a caller ID, make sure it has a large backlit LCD display, which makes it easier to read and less error. Vision loss is also a common age gain, making their lives easier

Finally, if necessary, have S.O.S .. Alarm emergency call. These phones can add a safe and secure measure. Old people wear pendants or watch-type equipment on their necks at home. If they fall, or feel they have an emergency, they simply press the button on the transmitter device, the phone will automatically call the pre-programmed emergency contact, 911, family members and so on. Through these phones, you have emergency monitoring, security company costs. So if you have a family member living on your own, you are worried that they fall, or some other emergency situation, you can have some peace of mind that they can continue to live alone in their own home.

Whether you choose to buy a telephone with an answering machine depends on whether the elderly can understand how to use it by phone, or if a basic, simple phone will be better. Perhaps some early aging began to emerge, and sometimes for some older people, technology has become too advanced – or – they just prefer simplicity – in that case to buy the simplest, zoomed phone. When considering a telephone with an answering machine, consider whether the person is slowly standing up from the chair and walking slowly. In order to arrive in the phone before arriving at the answering machine, make sure you get a call that can set the ringer to a higher number of rings. I found six rings will allow most people to answer the phone if the interior