Please do not hate me because of my beauty – the handsome man's curse

I am often told how handsome woman I will not sleep with me, as if I was awarded a consolation prize; The breakup gift. This leads me to doubt that the average man looks taller than we are, the dark type gets more sex. I mainly get a short flirt or hard to get the game, I do not have much patience.

The girlfriend told me that the woman felt my appearance was scary. They look at me and think that I am a woman of the people. Then there was a more radical type, assuming I was a woman, and disappointed to find that I was not.

I was a feminine male friend told me that very nice women are often the most likely to go to bed because most men are too intimidated and can not get close to them. So when Mr. Confident comes, these women are more grateful and given.

I? I'm picky. I insist that a woman worthy of my physical feelings should be able to give me a good feeling first . Maybe my standard is too high.

I told the woman that I was interested in the conversation as well. They never believed me. I can see its big blinks. They assumed that I just gave them a line. Whichever way you see, i have spent my vicious day long for both, and did not get it.

In fact, when I was in social interaction, I really did not seem to be the first time with a fertile woman. All that I say, no matter how simple, is interpreted as my supposed woman's agenda, as if every sentence was obtained from my " Handsome Guy's Guide ". [1945904] [Note: There is no such book.] I can say something straightforward "I like sushi" and only encounter a suspicious "I bet you do" or "What should this be?"

Maybe I expect too many women. A woman why in the physical quality to give up the spirit of it? As a former girlfriend had told me when we had sex, "Gregg, I do not want to talk again tonight, can not you go to bed like an ordinary person?"

Do not get me wrong When beautiful, I got an erection, drunk woman told me I was hot. But when attractive women write about the words I write and the words I write, I can also achieve more lasting passion on these rare occasions. This usually triggers an emotional penile disease that is longer than me four hours later.

Oh, hush! Pity me! Right? Can you hear these violins stress the lonely guy's sad story that he spent his night forming anecdotes and raising his cat?

I keep in touch for some years I have been refusing my progress. (19459004)

I also know that men can walk into the bar, and that's the way that men can go into the bar, And a female tone to leave, or into a striptease club, and a dancer to leave, or walk into the party, and someone's wife or girlfriend disappeared together. (I personally witnessed all three cases). These men are too easy to dislike the woman, the next day does not come back.

Do I envy these people? not real. But I will like the power to say again and again, do not hesitate, like the feminine women who have the power of the brain.