Poetry Kubla Khan's Critical Appreciation

Coleridge is considered to be the most energetic soul of the first generation of British romantic poets. He is a typical representative of the true romantic spirit. This poem by KT Coleridge's Kubla Khan is a good romantic poem, all the romantic elements can be found. We can see the subjectivity, spontaneity, dream quality, sensibility, imagination, realism and supernaturalism, magic spelling, and so on. Now we will try to evaluate this poem

Colreridge claims that this poem came to him in the opium dream. The subjectivity is very effective in discovering the best expression of poetry. This poem is inspired by the poet's fantastic dome. In addition, the second part of the poem is mainly with the poet himself. He could see an Abyssinian maid in his field of vision, inspiring his imagination. He has become a magician, want to create a happy in the air. The poet's flashing eyes and floating hair are related to magic. Our attention is almost from Kubla Khan's happy dome to the poet and his extravagant fancy, imagination and poetic creations.

Coleridge shows his creation of a romantic atmosphere in the poem Kubla Khan. The theme style co-creates miracles and romantic atmosphere, and supernaturalism is an important feature of Kubla Khan's romanticism. Although Kubla Khan is not a supernatural poem in the traditional sense. It can create a strong charm of the atmosphere. The cave is unrestrained to the people, "a sun sees" a woman yawning for her demon lovers. The powerful fountain is instantly forced from the romantic gulf and is a sign of romance.

In this Kubla Khan, we can see the emotional attraction, which is one of the main elements of romance. Bright gardens, lush aromas, green sunny places, rockets like rebounds and hail, sunny caves, these are highly perceptual images. Abu Sibia maid in a grand piano on the performance of the vision, and in a very romantic temperament to sing a sweet song

Kubla Khan is romantic, we can see in this poem distant Of the land and distant places, Xanadu, Alph, Mount Abora are romantic geography, to contribute to the romantic atmosphere.

At the closing ceremony, the poet's photo of the divine inspiration was also romantic. This is a high-imagination problem, making this poem very romantic, we can also think that this poem is pure fantasy works, imagine the results of the dream-like atmosphere, purely romantic. The following lines have imagination, making poetry more romantic.

This is a miracle of rare installations.

A sunny happy dome with ice cave

Kubla Khan is a romantic poem because it is a medieval touch. A woman falling in love with a fallen fall is of course romantic.

In short, we can safely say that this poem Kubla Khan already has some romantic qualities