Professional Sports Jewelery

Have you ever wondered what kind of jewelry can an athlete be able to wear in the field? Like a pitcher who is allowed to wear a man's wedding ring on the hills? Or is a hockey player allowed to wear a necklace?


Since most players are covered with ice (save the neck and face)), their uniforms, skates, socks, gloves and helmets, NHL does not have anything about what type The jewelry can be worn in the rules of the game. Because this is a high-impact movement, players in the course of the game should not wear any type of earrings or rings. NFL

If there is a sport on the players in the field of wear is essential, that is the NFL (or some fans (or some fans), the NFL (or some fans They call it "boring league"). You can not only be punished in the field of excessive celebration, you can also wear unapproved socks or shoes. And the rules are from the beginning of the venue in the venue, until they leave the stadium when. In the game after the interview or even the implementation of the rules! Ironically, NFL on the field can wear what kind of jewelry without too many rules. Since the hands are mainly used to catch and block, so the rings are usually not worn as they may affect the catch or throw the ball. On the other hand, necklaces and earrings are worn as long as they are within cause. On the other hand, the bracelet must be covered at any time. I mentioned that the officer later examined the whole game to make sure (again) no one in the game broke the uniform rules? Wow.


Over the past few years, the Office of the Commissioner has begun a new dress code for NBA players, limiting the players before and after the game can wear things. This extends to the NBA players that are not allowed to wear any type of jewelry court. This means that the earrings; bracelets, rings and necklaces are no-no.


On the other hand, baseball league seems to have a very lenient policy when it comes to jewelry. Basically you can wear any type of jewelry unless the referee sees it as "distracting" or interfering with the game. In other words, pitchers can not wear rings because they may wear balls, no huge mirror necklaces may distract players from the attention (not anyone is thinking about wearing it, but getting this idea)

It seems that most sports do not allow jewelry, even without men's wedding ring then what is a person to do? Keep the ring safe until the end of the game!