Protecting our baby – but not with Evenflo

I wish I was a blog A few years ago, I might have earlier shared this event with you. Though, is now better than ever.

If you are a parent, then I am sure you are familiar with the company Evenflo. For those parents who want to become or know to have children, Evenflo is a highly recognized baby supplies company. In my experience as a three-year-old parent, I have been trusting Graco, another well-known baby brand, my children's car seats and baby carriages, but for my second child, I decided to give Evenflo A try. This is the first one that will be the last one.

Although it was in 2006, I thought it would be interesting to discuss which baby brand was discussed in car seats and baby carriages. At that time, Evenflo had a very competitive price on one of the complete travel systems in their series "Journey". Complete, I mean car seats and stroller in one, including a removable base for car seats. Most of the time travel system is the same as what I have just mentioned, but you will get your travel system from time to time. We have already purchased a payment of about $ 199.99 from Wal-Mart.

Remember that the first few months I have not used a baby carriage because I have not found the need for immediate use. It's just the car seat I'm using. After the purchase of the product after about six months, I noticed that when the carts, the baby carriage began to swing. My mother's intuition told me to stop using the baby carriage, but I ignored its idea, what could go wrong? I should listen to myself because something incredible happened. The front wheel of the baby car has fallen off! At first I thought it might just be unlocked from the pole, but the wheel itself had been destroyed. My son is very good, I obviously stopped using the baby carriage until I was able to contact Evenflo to solve this dilemma. I have to admit that I did not call as soon as possible after a week, the seat shape of the car seat handle has come when i took my son in the car seat, fortunately, he was not hurt, I was not high He lifted him.

I took immediate action and called Evenflo to explain what had happened. They proposed to replace my entire travel system free of charge; the only thing that was the car seat and the baby carriage did not match. We have received a new travel system within ten business days of the promise; I continue to use the new one until I have my third child, no problem. Even if there is no problem for the second time, there will not be any problems at first.

Although the price is good, but not worth the money, I will not be Evenflo's return customers. In this case, it is quality rather than quantity. Security is a big factor that they do not offer. I will not recommend Evenflo car seats and baby carriages to anyone.