Quick reply from the agent

How important is the quick response of a real estate agent? Will you pay for your family?

possible. That's why you know why your real estate agent is so important about your business every day.

My part of the job is to call the agent. In fact, this is an important part of my cooperation with buyers. There are three ways to contact them: by email, office phone or in some cases their cell phone.

Another day, I booked 15 houses for guests looking out to buy. I'll contact them by e-mail. I was surprised that only 10 answered me, one of the e-mails actually bounced! Some of the ten real estate agents spent two days to respond. Is this the type of action you want to sell the house? I hope not!

What can you do?

When you plan to work with an agent, please test and call and send the e-mail. See how long they need to be back to you. You will be surprised how great changes are made.

You want to work with an agent in addition to contacting you or potential buyers as soon as possible. This may be the difference between a prosperous or dying business.