Rainbow Sandals – Marijuana VS Leather

For those who are looking for Rainbow Sandals Marijuana or Leather versions of the people, it may be helpful that there are some information about the features of these styles to help make the right Shopping options. Here are some differences and similarities between the two:

About Lepros Rainbow Sandals:

  • They are made of natural hemp fibers
  • You can choose several earth tones – natural, brown and black

    • They are made of top high quality leather
    • They can find a lot of colors – some beautiful rich tones

    The hemp style is three layers of gluing, with amazing durability – in fact, they are "the only life" to ensure that they will not fall apart. Some of the features added to the comfort level include arched support and foot soles, making it comfortable enough for anyone, and can be found in a single layer or double layer. For surfers, these slippers are popular because they have a non-slip soles – it's easy to wield the tide!

    Whether you choose leather or marijuana style – you should know that these sandals are very popular with the beach crowd because it is a good reason: they are just comfortable and durable for the best trigger. And they are also pretty!