Relationship Sales – Buy and Buy

By understanding the process of dating, you can better understand the sales process, why some salespeople have such a repeat business that they never have a cold call. Let's see.

The following are typical steps in the dating process.
– First meeting
– First meeting
– First meeting
– First meeting
– First meeting
or film
-Several Date:
– Friend's Parent
-Pop Problem
– Participation
– Marriage

If you ask your date to marry the first meeting, you may be rejected The There is a process that follows the steps of this process is necessary to have a successful relationship.

[1945900] [1945900] Now let's look at a typical sales process.
– Conference Call
– Conference Call
– Telephone Conference
– Telephone
– Conference Call


If you ask your potential customers On the cold plate to buy, you will be rejected, just like the above.

So note the steps of your sales process and follow them. In fact, the more steps you have, the greater the chances of ending your sales.

Relationship Sales is the most powerful sales tool you can use. Forget all off, test off and persuade technology. Establish relationships with your customers, which will ensure duplication of business than any other thing.

How do you build this relationship?

First of all, you have to find common ground; outside the work, but not too far.

– Personal Collection, Stamps, Golf, Pictures, Stamps,

Cards, numbers, etc.
– Horse
– The Little Elf

– Riding
– Riding
– Weight Loss

You have to find Some of your related stuff and then unfold something. Add golf in their collection, discuss fishing tips, and share a diet plan.