Rental or Buying – This is the problem!

When I was twenty years old and still moved from the apartment to the apartment every time I would start to tell people I moved to a new apartment and they would say, "You lost your money, Snowdon Investments! "Those who believe in 2.5 children are being pushed to home ownership, houses and dogs are white fences, typical American dreams. I think the American dream is cool, that is your dream! A dream is not necessarily the dream of another person. Some people are apartment dwellers, resident residents or renters. Each of his / her own!

I became the landlord in the early thirties. There are some pros and cons like everything has. I like not to tell the children to walk gently, so as not to disturb the neighbors. I like to start my stereo on the clean day without having to worry about the broom downstairs with my neighbor's broom up on my floor. I have as many pets as I like, and I can change the paint and the carpet many times because I like it. I also really enjoy the annual tax deduction

Since I am now more than the age of the tax concessions, so write off really for my husband and I at the end of the year. However, a few years have passed, your family is very fast, the corner wears, the walls are broken, the metal on the hinges often starts to rust, the roof on the roof begins to leak, the furnace breaks, the AC needs to be replaced, the water heater bursts and destroys the floor. As a tenant, you are not responsible for these things. You call and maintain to save you. Unfortunately, now all this is in your pocket. Please note that some of these costs are higher than the cost of paying your rent within a year

Finally, owning a house can be rewarded, but make sure you are in the economy, you can afford a slight disaster from time to time The Make sure you really afford your mortgage. If not, there is not a thing in the world to rent a mistake. Leasing allows you to save money, repair or improve your credit score so that you will be ahead of the game when you buy a house.