Russian superstition

The Russians are very superstitious people. They will deny this, but it is true. These superstitions affect my life every day. Most of the time they are harmless and I am humorous with my wife. Sometimes I will tease her about them

The new superstition comes with the new situation in our lives. I have been telling her that I need a regular manual. Maybe one day I will make them into a book.

Russians are caused by these superstitions, so they do not need a reference manual.

Here are some. This is definitely not an exhaustive list:

1) You can not whistle at home or car because they believe you are bragging about your money

At the dinner we our house, one of my Friends began to whistle. My wife was silent immediately, and she explained to him, "You can whistle in your own house, but you can not whistle in my whistle, in my home, my money is whistling."

When she first came to the United States, she would see people standing at the intersection with a sign. She asked what we were doing I told her they were asking for money. She asked me why I told her that they did everything on their own whistle at home.

2) If you accidentally stepped on your spouse's shoes, you have to let another person step on your shoes, or you will have a debate.

I have never tested this superstition.

3) If you leave your house, you can not go back to something that is forgotten inside, otherwise your trip will lead to "nothing" ok, "my wife said

4 ) If you have to go back to the forgotten item, you can try to mitigate the adverse effects of the return by looking at the mirror in your own reflection.

Has done this, my wife has tried to wipe away the imaginary incision, hand blowing over the wind, and with the cross

6) Never give the Russian woman a number of flowers. Even if the numbers are dead. Always give odd when you give her a dozen or twenty dozen

7) Do not give the Russian woman a yellow flower. It expresses infidelity, which may mean that your relationship will not last

[19459] ] 8) Never give a watch as a gift to a Russian woman.

9) Never give a knife or handkerchief as a gift. I do not know this reason.

10) Do not celebrate your birthday early.

11) 40 days later, do not show your newborn to strangers.

12) It is best to cut your hair or nails during the full moon

13) They are waiting for their souls to arrive

14) Whenever someone praises you or makes positive comments, you knock the wood or imagine spit three times, your body is good or bad left shoulder, so you

15) Do not shake hands or kiss at the door. It forms a bridge that allows the demons or evil spirits coming from outside to enter the house in this way. When I am wrong to do this At the very least, my wife will usually push me back to the outside or pull me inside and then kiss me at the front door

16) Before anyone travels long, Sitting together

17) The real superstition is called the "lucky" bus ticket when the sum of the left three numbers is equal to the sum of the three numbers on the right

18) , When I was ready to give my little girl a bath, when I put the clothes off, this little child in my body. My wife laughed and said it was good news. That means I'm going to dance on my daughter's wedding!

This list is not complete. Superstition varies by country and region.

Many superstitions come from folk tales or fairy tales, the Russian Orthodox tradition, or the peasant or agricultural roots. Most of the Russians have only one or two generations from the farm or the village

In any case, pay attention to these superstitions and try to respect them, whether you believe them. Your Russian friends will appreciate it