SA Rugby

If you support at least South Africa's hometown, a better rugby league game script can not be written out. Half of the time, the home run down 16 points to 10 points, only 71 minutes to hold the game in the Newlands stadium. The same script, the young bench Francois Steyn (Francois Steyn) also made the average level of kick and kick to play, one less than the distance of less than 45 meters, close to the contact line. I have questioned the same person lacking experience and decision-making skills, but today it is fortunate that South Africa, Frans Steyn (Frans Steyn) also appeared in a lot of pressure.

The trampoline dominates most of the game Boks has a 60% -40% share of the game after the statistics show), and the scoring line should be higher than 22-19 a high point, it should be sure that no South Africa The football team rests. The reason that did not really reflect the point of the game was part of the Springhawk's unsuccessful mistake, partly the defense of Wallabies. The strategy used by the gazelle itself. In many cases, the SA football team found himself in the Australian team attack on the 22nd, they stupid way to the ball; knock on the door, the ball was kicked in a promising move, and even one was awarded the spirit of attack in South Africa Was overthrown for the punishment of Australia, because Schalk hamburgers in the whistle after the fall into some "gy y" state.

Within 13 minutes, the only attempt by the center Jacques Fourie hit Boks. Buchi James opened a fool and set up a few stages for South Africa. Afterwards, Boucher James once again cleverly picked the ball out of his toes and passed the ball to him and tried him in the corner. Shortly after the referee in Barrens's election to the Australian team, Barnes's referee involved some of the midfield's obstructive movement, Cape Town Stadium by Matt Giteau (Matt Giteau) next to the Vallabis (Wallabies) posts in a hurry, just try the game. The referee and his team's another mistake is yellow carding, the result 10 minutes to the Pierre spy. When George Gregan hit him, the spy seemed to be just back to the edge, which was considered worthy of a culprit.

There are clear highlights in the Boks game, there are some detours between the striker and the guard, and some of the long sections of the javel holding and shielding the ball, playing in close proximity to the breakdown.

The highlight of the Australian team is Stirling Mortlock's accuracy and his excellent defense. They have proved that they will not walk because of any imagination in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series.

The people of the game went to Schalk Burger, experiencing a lot of hard touch and forever insisting

Everything is a great test, watching TV, Francois Steyr En won the heart of New South Wales, put his game in the crowd, the victory fell.