Sales Philosophy – How do you believe how to determine your sales

I have a simple sales idea: offer value first and make friends at all costs. Now, what do you have Do you believe in every word?

Every salesperson should have a sales idea that they believe in

It represents your values ​​and defines who you are a company and a salesperson. It also affects how you reach your customers and your sales effectiveness. "I think I already have a sales idea …" You might think you have a good sales idea, but there may be improvements. Can it accurately represent you? Is it as effective as you want? In fact, you may belong to one of these two categories: A. You have received some training, to follow some of your stupid, scripted sales process, and may even hate.

They join the team, get some script, and be told to "get it"! Let them play the teeth a few times, they will learn. Is this really the best way to train someone to sell? Then there is nothing to be said to be a failed way to succeed, but you are frustrated and devalued by your recent sales investment – your new employee. When a verbatim script will actively attract another person, it is very rare when either by phone or by phone. People buy people from people, not fake sales scripts. You will not be a successful salesperson when your sales idea, or the person you are forced to swallow, does not meet your deep faith in your heart.

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So, you have been selling for a long time, have been accustomed to your own way of doing things, but your method is still Working? Still gathered dust, lost meaning, edge and effectiveness? Maybe you are trapped in your habit, or you want to try something new. Whether you insist on using this method, it is time to realize that this reality will not give you the results you want to sell. Your numbers may be better if you give up your excuse and old way.

How to develop a sales concept

The key to developing great sales ideas depends on you and your personal values. The most important thing is that you are sure that it is entirely your First, you must determine your company's unique sales philosophy: customers want to understand the idea of ​​companies, products and people. Then you need to consider your personal sales idea. You want customers to consider you, you choose to represent the product and the company you choose to work for. There are often some differences between these two philosophies, but learning to work in your own company's personal sales philosophy is the key to success.

So stop using the well-trained script and no longer represent your old habits, and what you provide as a salesperson, rather than using a sales idea that does not fit your own values! Determine your unique sales philosophy and use the power of its authenticity will provide you with the passion to achieve the results you want! Your customers will see your confidence and trust to meet your needs. If you really believe your sales idea, your company and your product, they will also!