SBTS How to Improve India Online Stock Trading

Earlier, no trading software. The Indian stock exchange is based on an open outcry system. Under this system, brokers gather at a central point, usually on the exchange exchange, and begin to trade with each other.

Therefore, for transaction efficiency, liquidity and transparency, the NSE decided to introduce a nationwide, on-line, fully automated screen-based trading system (also known as SBTS)

In this system, a trading member can enter a certain amount of securities and prices to his desired computer system transactions.

This system is easily accepted by market participants, and in the first year of the existing business, NSE becomes the leading

technology has been used to convert the trading platform from Exchange og stock exchange sent to the broker premises. NSE's computer system for pushing trading platforms further into investor housing through the Internet

This has a huge impact on the equal access of investors, especially geographically and diversely

SBTS or screen-based trading systems have more advantages than earlier used transaction parity platforms

Some of the advantages of the SBTS or screen-based trading systems mentioned below

) SBTS or screen-based trading systems to match orders at a strict price / time priority, thus saving significant time, cost and error risk and fraudulent activities leading to improved operational efficiency.

3) Allow market participants,

4) to allow market participants to increase the efficiency of market information by allowing price-sensitive information to be absorbed more quickly into current prices Accepting large or small orders from members without actually revealing their identities, thus providing equal opportunities for everyone and providing complete confidentiality.

5) It provides a perfect audit trail that helps to resolve disputes through a full login transaction execution process

Therefore, SBTS or screen-based trading systems greatly improve efficiency, The output of the transaction, which led to the quality of the transaction, thus increasing India's gross domestic product and promoting the country's economy