Secrets of booking agent: can not book? Stop selling yourself!

As a booking agent, always surprised me when a professional speaker spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to perfect their craft, build their platform and organize their behavior can not be booked

They are really good at doing, but for many of these people, the inability to book is the only thing that prevents them from successfully realizing their dream business.

This is true for emerging or semi-professional speakers and local professionals who want to use oral presentation

All this comes down to a simple question: "How are you? The conference planner, club chairman or company manager said that Yes! & # 39; " The answer is that if you are talking or speaking in your business, you are in the sales business

But sin you You is the "product" you sell when you speak the person who will not jump up immediately and exclaimed to call you when you may feel embarrassed and embarrassed Uncomfortable with their calendar makes you a quote.

Unless you are a well-trained and experienced professional salesperson, it is possible to find yourself being booked as a difficult and anxious process. So do not do it, if you do now, stop now now.

Do not try it yourself

This is a secret meeting planner and other speakers who will never tell you: as a speaker, you are "talent "You should never be on behalf of yourself, especially if you want to get paid.

Why? Because the best people are always represented by others, especially professionals.

Your representative may be a speaker of the institution, such as JW Associates PR, Dallas Texas, Speaker Secretary Secretary

Since any person who represents you needs to build on the basis of basic principles and psychology In order to maximize their efforts, we will also introduce many of these principles in future blogs.

When someone is booked, you will find that as a speaker's life will be a very easy, since all you need to do is agree with them on behalf of your negotiating condition (of course, behind your background) Date, prepare presentation, show and wow

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