Shining hardwood flooring like a pro DIY

For hardwood flooring, usually use oak. It actually brings natural luster to the whole place. It is durable, the maintenance of this floor is really not a challenge. In this article, we would like to share with you some tips and instructions, you can at any time by the following ways to ensure that your hardwood flooring like a professional DIY shine.

You must always use soft bristles that you can use to clean the floor while avoiding traces of scratches on the floor. The entrance to the carpet and the traffic is very high place. This ensures that dust and sand debris have the opportunity to collect when you return home from somewhere else. However, the best solution is to remove your shoes any day, because even after brushing them on the mattress, the dust particles are collected on the surface of the shoe. One of the simplest techniques to keep the floor clean is to avoid spilling water on the floor. This really will damage the texture and appearance of the floor and will damage to such a quantity so that you can be assured that it will be irreversible.

Now if you want to clean the floor in depth, you have to make sure you are unloading all the furniture and cabinets placed on the floor. After that, you can use special accessories that are usually found with a vacuum cleaner. You can afford the hardwood floor clean. In addition, Murphy's oil solution is also very suitable for this purpose. According to the manufacturer in this regard given the instructions, the concentration of aqueous solution should be how much. In addition, always make sure you have a nice mop with you. Keep it moist but dry and do not drip so that you can immediately clean up any areas that have to be mistaken for water. When you use any solution, make sure you test on a small place on the floor. Wipe it to see if the texture of the floor changes. If you find that it damages the area you are smearing, avoid using the solution to any other place.

In order to ensure the glossy appearance of hardwood floors, the other thing you can do is to cover it with a layer of polyurethane. The squeaky floor cleaning system can be used to maintain this layer in the future. A lot of time, we heard that these products are far better than Murphy's oil solution. Swifter wet jet is another product that can be used for this purpose. But if you do not have this polyurethane coating, make sure you do not use them.