Shoes are a terrible idea – that's why

There are basically two forms of shoe lifts:

The first is an insert inserted into an existing shoe The These are just a tilted riser that can make you anywhere in a height of half an inch to two inches.

The second type of elevator is an actually customizable shoe that lifts the built-in second type of shoe lift to be placed at an additional height of 4 inches as it is not covered by the shoes open area limit.

When choosing between the two types, the pros and cons of the opposition must be taken into account. The advantage of a plug-in shoe lift is that you can use it with any existing shoes, which is cheap and you are not limited to the custom shoe lift manufacturer's style. The biggest problem is that your height has increased by about 2 inches or less. Custom shoes have the potential to increase in inches, but they are more expensive and the shoes you choose depend on the manufacturer's style. This means that you can not buy and wear any of the traditional shoes you see, because you can only wear these shoes indefinitely, because you have publicly shown to the world that you are taller than you are two to four inches tall.

There is a problem. Wearing these devices is similar to wearing bad depreciation.

You are now a slave, your shoes, especially around you, rather than solving the problem, but by focusing on increasing height through the movement, nutrition and stretch to increase their height. Do not know your "little secret" people. You must always lift your shoes up so that no one noticed that your height did not see you from them before.

This will undoubtedly lead to very dangerous and uncomfortable situations when it comes close to potential partners. How do you explain your sudden four inches shortened because you put your shoes off

If you are uncomfortable with your current height, the shoe lift is not the answer. Only a real, natural height increase can really make you higher.