Should I buy my girlfriend pearl or too much

The answer is qualified. Frankly, it depends on how long you know each other. If you want to give your "new" girlfriend some special, then I would suggest a pair of white freshwater earrings. These are not too expensive, but a thoughtful gift. However, only buy "real" cultured pearls, sooner or later will find they are fake, of course not flies very well

If you have seen for some time … say … a month later , I would recommend a nice white freshwater pearl bracelet. A long time than a few months may be a lovely white freshwater or Akoya pearl necklace or tahitian pendant time

Now …. Time will come when a serious relationship exists that you really want Some special. Then look at the Big Nippon Akoya Pearl Necklace and even the Hanadama (Mikimoto) Pearl. A cheaper alternative is the latest freshwater pearl technology, known as Freshwater Oriental Pearls, as they are part of the 99% flawless Akoya price

Very cautious for your girlfriend to buy black or colored pearls Unless you know exactly that she likes the color pearls, and there is a color to wear these colors.

Pearl is the perfect gift for your girlfriend at any stage in your relationship. Continue to move forward, buy their own confidence, look at her face!