Should you buy a gift or a flower for your ex-girlfriend to come back? The Shocking Answer Revealed

What is the chance your ex-girlfriend will bring you back after breaking up? Now you may be thinking, "Thin to no. You may be right. If you have just gone through the breakup, then this relationship will not be repaired overnight

But wait.

In your relationship 101 course your final exam because you will be flunked.

So why not buy a flower or other gift for your ex-girlfriend to work to bring her back? It always seems to work in the movie, is not it?

Using a flower or a gift as a breakup to get your ex-girlfriend back after a problem is: the woman sees it directly through it. For a woman, it looks like you're saying, "I know I do it badly, but it looks crazy, FLOWERS! (Here into the big cheese grin) Is not that better?

You have the most sincere intent and it still looks like you are trying to buy back your way back to relationships. It encounters things like buying expensive things to make it better.

Flowers and gifts should be bought when the relationship is good, not when it is on the verge of collapse. Flowers should say, "I want you, want you to know I love you"


They only buy flowers when they try to apologize for something. That's why some women immediately think, "Oh, oh, what did he do this time?" Every time they see their man with flowers. Use flowers and gifts as a sign of love and affection instead of trying and correcting the way

If you want your ex-girlfriend to bring you back and then prove to her through your actions you can be Man, she needs you. Take on your mistakes and promise to change to be a better person. Buying things just makes you look manipulated. It makes you look like you want to pull a girl with you fast. It has never been a quick solution