Simple Steps to How to Double Your Stocks and Recovery From Crash

People around the world invest a large chunk of their savings in the stock and stock markets. There are good reasons for doing this and for fearful reasons:

1) Rapid appreciation of your capital. In the long run, investing in stocks can easily provide at least twice the rate of return on bank time deposits

2) You can also get regular income through dividends

4) Stock investments are very easy to manage

5) You do not need a lot of money to start investing.

Basic 3 Important Investment Rules:

Rule 1: Do not Buy Unlisted Shares!

Rule 2: Do not Buy Inactive Stocks!

The key to earning a special return is not the timing of the market, but spending time on the market, especially if you hold Great dividend payment company in the long term

Choose a company to invest in the standard:

1. Redemption and reserves.

2. Book value per share.

3. Earnings per share.

4. P / E ratio.

5. Dividend and Earnings

Companies looking for:

1. Management is dynamic and forward-looking?

2. Is the company big enough?

3. Does the company have core competencies or diversification?

4. Is it a growth company?

5. Is the company internationally competitive?

I believe these tips and basic principles will help you succeed in your investment