Six real guides must own


You need a Tome. This is where you will keep all the magic spells and potions recipes. You will write all your magic works in this book. In this book, you will keep your life working. Unless you have an apprenticeship, you should never show your tome to anyone.


A Employee:

You need a staff member. The shaman's staff is very important and it is used like a magician's conductor. Your power flows through your staff. The staff member can be a long stick, attached with a power stone at its end. If you live outside in a wooded area, find a piece of wood and use the staff as your magician. The staff will choose you. You will feel the energy of the staff. Once you have selected a staff member, you will need to wrap your handle on a black tape or clothing tape. You need to wire your power to the stone package at the top of your staff. Your power stone can also be found on the outside, or if you have a stone you want to use you can buy it at the craft store or the magic store. It will be cheaper to buy it from a handicraft store. Remember this is only your first staff, it does not have to be perfect, only need to be able to perform your magic energy



You need to study all forms of magic. You need to learn all the magic you can understand the power. All the time the greatest wizards learn to use all sorts of magic to make them stronger.


A familiar with:

Harry Potter's fictional witch has an owl, and many witches have a cat that is familiar. In witchcraft, familiarize yourself with witchcraft opponents to share its form. Deformation magic is used by many ancient witch mages



Many witches have tutors. The instructor is a powerful wizard who has a great deal of ancient knowledge and a new apprentice. Since ancient times, shaman has adopted the apprenticeship program. The mentor is a clever old soul that helps an apprentice guide along the path of the ancient revelation of the field


Wand is also the magic of the commanders, and staff the same. The wand is always carried by the wizard. The wand is a symbol of wizards power and controls the natural elements

These are just some of the tools that the wizard needs, but they will help you start your magical journey. In all things can be.