Skydiving History

Skydiving has an interesting history that can occupy a whole, but this article will try to briefly introduce this history. Most people think that parachuting is the product of the twentieth century, but its history is actually far more than this. The Chinese tried to parachute in the tenth century before we did a thousand years ago. Of course there is no plane, so the Chinese people do what we said today diving base; that is, they jumped some of them allowed to float from the height to the ground outcrop or other strata. Then, of course, we had a picture of Da Vinci, who painted a pyramid-shaped parachute on the wooden frame.

However, as a positive movement, parachuting is relatively close. The first man trying to parachute was Jacques Garnerin, who jumped from the balloon at the end of the eighteenth century, fell down on the downhill, clumsyly landed people safely on the ground. In the 19th century, a brave woman, Asitha Paulus, was known at the end of the nineteenth century in the famous parachuting movement in Germany, and now with these expertise and her skills.

After the invention of the aircraft, parachuting in a whole new form. The aircraft can be dived at higher speeds from higher heights, allowing more range of motion in the air. The woman named Tiny Broadwick became the first woman to jump off the plane (1913) and free fall (1914)

Parachuting was not called skydiving until the mid-1950s, At that time Ronald Young created the phrase. Prior to that, it was called parachuting, mainly for the deployment of troops in the inland areas, or when the pilots were needed to rescue the aircraft from the plane. This was the first successful completion in 1922 and has now become the standard for small pilots. Once the end of the First World War, parachuting into a sport, we now call it parachuting.

After the Second World War, this form became increasingly an interest in less and less military exercises. Soldiers have now been skydiving and enjoyed exciting fun. Since then, team formation and competition. The parachuting school began to erupt in the late fifties and is now a recognized number of extreme sports