So why can not you sell your lost stock?

Trading in stocks involves buying and selling stocks. Unfortunately, all the speculation revolves around the stock market's buyers. Once you commit all salespeople seem to disappear

You see lower lows as you see the trend line break and you see an increase in volume as you see a negative message that you see inside People have sold all the information saying that this stock is falling you hang. Sell ​​the stock is tough

Maybe you are a long-term investor and never sell. This is a way of playing games. However, when you are a trader and do not want to be an investor, you have to sell

Why do people have such emotional attachment to losing stocks?

Why can not they sell the loser and use cash to buy a winner?

I think one of the main reasons traders find it difficult to sell is that young people are trained not to make mistakes. This training takes place without most people even realizing it and starts at home and at school

At the end of the school year, the higher your mark, the happier you are. In the year, you may have made some mistakes, but when it counts you pass and pass your tests

Now think about the reactions of the children when they fail the results at home. They get praise, gifts, rewards, or they get ridiculed, told to withhold, privilege be taken away or worse heap. In most cases, my guess is the latter.

Many people will be disappointed because they become older and will not lose anything, so

You have to understand that trading is a probability game. In order to win you have to play, when you play you will eventually lose.

90% Passing, Brilliant
10% Failure, Stupid

10% of the transactions of $ 1000 (+10,000)

That's why you've heard the stock traders say:

] It's not an easy job, because while teachers and the community generally tell you less than 50% is a failure, seldom say dive consciousness.

Subconscious work habits. You have been programming since childhood, won. As a result, selling stocks for the majority of people who lose money violates their training, whether or not they are aware of it.

However, since most people start playing the stock market when they are over 20 years of age, they have 20 years of subconscious programming to eliminate

In order to trade, you need to develop Quickly sell your losers' habits, without emotion. Look at the evidence and sell. No remorse, no second guesses just get out of position

Your job is to break this unconscious habit that has been developing for more than 20 years.

Before you buy your next stock, determine when to sell the stock and get out of the position. Next, either set a stop-loss with your broker, or sell your stock when it breaks through your selling area. In some cases, traders will issue a stop loss order as soon as they buy the stock.

With the stock going higher, the stop is moved and will not move down. In some cases, your stop will be hit and the stock will rebound after that. I was taken away in the afternoon and it happened. Expect it, and live with it. This is why trading is an art rather than a science.

You can not control everyone who owns the stock you own. When someone gets a margin call and chooses to sell a lot of stock that you own, cause you to stop being hit and do not put it personally, it's just part of the game

As time goes by, To, weak stocks are taken out while strong stocks continue to rise

Trading is a probability game. All you can do is as much probability as possible on your side that you can enter the trade