Sold stock photos – how to do and earn profits

Sell Stock Photos – There is a saying that a picture draws a thousand words if Can you turn these words into dollars and your dollars?

Every newspaper, magazine, leaflet or website contains photos. Do they absolutely can not be photographed by professional photographers? Of course they did not. The reality is that more and more of these photos are purchased from a special website (called ) stock photograph website.


These sites use photos like amateur photographers like you and me, and everyone has purchased the owner for a fee. You still have the copyright of this photo, the same can be sold again and again.

Upload hundreds of pictures, you will soon get normal second income, very simple, Free the more the number of uploads, the more opportunities. All you need is a camera, 3mp or higher is the best, PC and network access.

Think of all the photos you see every day you travel. Everyone is making money, why not?

So – how to sell stock photos? Once you know how the system works, the basics are very simple. You organize all the photos you want to upload to your chosen website or website and register and leave you on the site.

There are many categories of pictures that you need to spend some time browsing the web to see what they are looking for and then check your jpeg file to submit Approval. Initially, they may not all be accepted, but this is part of your learning curve. Once you understand what is valid, what is not that you will know which shots are sold and which are not. Oh, make sure you carry your camera with you.