Stock Exchange – New York, London, Toronto, Nasdaq and others

located around the world, the Exchange is providing physical space for exchanges or selling stocks, bonds, securities and other events Organization or company, involving the capital.

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, Located in Toronto, Ontario

* Established in 1861, TSE was established by the Ontario Legislative Council in 1878.

Automatic quote is February 8, 1971 to start trading of electronic transactions

* When it starts trading for the first time, it is the world's first electronic stock market and is currently the largest electronic stock market in the United States

Nasdaq has more than 3200 listed companies, averaging Daily stock trading than any other stock market in the world

* Nasdaq is one of the major markets for analysts to measure the value of stocks and stocks

New York Securities The New York Stock Exchange merged with the Archipelago holding company in April 2005, merging the electronic exchange

* The New York Stock Exchange was named a large board of directors and lists 2,800 companies worth nearly $ 20 trillion. Frankfurt Stock Exchange

* Located in Frankfurt, Germany, the stock exchange is Germany's largest exchange, accounting for 90% of German stock transactions

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London Stock Exchange

* Founded in 1801, in London, the exchange is one of the largest exchanges in the world.

* The London Department of Transportation was originally located on Old Brown Street, opened in 1972 by Elizabeth II. In 2004, the London Department of Transportation moved to the square of Patnopol, near St. Paul's Cathedral. It was opened again by Elizabeth II

* The London Stock Exchange has a long history of standards and procedures that are the same as the stock exchange today

Shanghai Stock Exchange

* was established on November 26, 1990. It began trading on December 19, 1990. Located in Shanghai, China's financial and trade center, the stock exchange has grown rapidly since its opening

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* The Exchange is located in Mumbai, India, and is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. It was formed in 1875 by a group of 22 stock brokers

* As of 2005, it was one of the largest exchanges in the world to handle more than 3,500 companies

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It was established in Tokyo, Japan on May 15, 1878. TSE began trading on June 1, 1878.

* During the Second World War, TSE was closed and then reopened on May 16, 1949.

* November 1, 2005, due to failure in the Fujitsu software program, TSE can not run, which helps to increase the volume of transactions

* TSE's main trading room


* Ranked No. 9 in the world This exchange is located in Hong Kong, China

* As of September 2005, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is Asia's second largest stock market exchange

* The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is unique because it is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a Hong Kong Stock Exchange


The world's tenth largest stock market exchange SWX Swiss Exchange is regulated by Swiss law and provides the concept of self-regulation.

* SWX is located in Zurich, Switzerland, but also has offices in London and Geneva

* The current SWX was established in Switzerland, after the reorganization in 2002

Is the Swiss national stock market exchange, SWX also in other European countries to develop market interests