Stock Market Games – Advantages and Disadvantages

There are so many free stock market games that you can play online Some are run by individual stock trading companies to encourage you to go offline with them while others are running independently. What are the pros and cons of these stock market competition? Are they worth adding or just wasting time?

Well, let's start with the benefits first. The main one is that if you are investing in the whole area of ​​a relatively new stock market, then by participating in these games you will learn how to buy and sell stocks even if it is just using fake money

In addition, by purchasing a virtual investment In the portfolio of stocks, you will begin to understand how stock prices actually move and how they are affected by company-specific news and broader stock markets. You will also want to know the importance of time and why you should reduce your losses as soon as possible to avoid losing a lot of money

Another benefit of these fantasy stock trading games is sometimes Get a fair prize. So if you are an experienced investor, you can use all your experience to try to actually win the whole game and get the top prizes

So there are several reasons why you should consider entering some of these games, But they also have their shortcomings as well. The first drawback is that if you are an experienced investor, you spend a few hours studying which companies are trading in your fantasy portfolio, and you do not win any prizes, then you waste a lot of time. [1945930]

In addition, although these games are educational for less experienced investors, but they can not reproduce the real trading environment, you actually buy and share Your own money. The mentality is completely different, because when it is your own money, you are more inclined to fast bank profits, as soon as possible to reduce your losses. Also, of course your strategy will be different because in fantasy games, you are usually looking to buy high-risk small companies to get huge gains and want to win the competition.

So they do not necessarily reflect real-life transactions, but ultimately it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to spend your time entering these stock market competition. I will definitely recommend them if you re-invest and want to learn the ropes, but I do not necessarily suggest you spend too much time on them if you are an experienced investor because your time can be better spent on yourself Of the portfolio.