Stock Market

A crowded, clumsy market filled with people, running and writing scores on the page, shouting on the phone and taking unusual gestures with them on their faces – this Is the way the stock market. Stock exchange has always been the interests of investors, but also an uncertainty of the ocean, investors will decide. It is not new, even in the twelfth century, in its original form in France. In this long journey, it must witness the many mixed colors of many colors.

Literally, a security transaction is a company or an organization that promotes the trading of shares and other securities of a company by investors and investors. They also provide facilities for the issuance and redemption of securities and the payment of income and dividends through capital activities and other financial institutions. Stock-traded securities include equities, unit trusts and bonds. The listing of these companies really need to be traded on the stock exchange. Therefore, there is a place located in the center where the shares are listed. Give up those days when the stock market has a squeeze. Now, the market has turned into an electronic market, because the Internet has become popular

Stock Exchange has a variety of facilities. Using computers to trade, without actually visiting the stock market is the main agreement in the revolutionary stock market.

  • Raising capital: Companies listed on a stock exchange usually issue stocks and securities, which in turn are bought by traders for profit. However, the funds to expand the purchase of shares can be used by companies for their own prosperity capital
  • Mobilization of Investments: This is due to stock market transactions that mobilize savings. The stock market offers a better prospect of redistribution. The funds are at least running, and not idle in bank deposits. Thus, the "money generated money" proved to be a better choice than the bank idle money
  • Company Growth: Capable of easily raising capital, it tends to grow the company. People invest money to increase their chances. Broaden the product line, expand their business, are shares of the market share.
  • Redistribution of wealth: not only wealth is allocated to the company to grow; but the sale of stocks and securities for everyone to make money, so that wealth and different traders from time to time migration.
  • Government's Vision: As companies join the stock exchange, it provides the government with a check on the company. Even companies. With public and private management can be compared.
  • Small Investor Interests: Stock exchanges have a paramagnetic attraction for small and large investors. It has not only Big Quarry; but there are more and more small investors trying to earn their return. With the introduction of online transactions, this trend has been in the boom
  • Raising funds for development themes: The government, through stocks and securities, can easily raise money in the stock market. There are many investors who like to invest in government companies because of their reliability and credibility. It allows the government to raise funds to invest in social development projects related to infrastructure, welfare and social development.
    Economic Calculator: Stock Exchange as a calculator to calculate the ups and downs of the economy. The free movement of stocks determines the price of the stock; therefore, the stock market uprising reflects the economic boom. Depression, economic recession and financial crisis factors to the stock market crash. Therefore, the movement of stocks and the overall stock index indicate the main trend of the economy