Stock Trading Fundamentals – How to Make Stock Trading

Stock trading refers to an activity in which a company purchases and sells shares to the public. They put the stock to the public and from their money to expand their business. This is done through a process known as IPO – Initial Public Offering.

What to do?

You may deal in any of the ways mentioned below.

You may open with a broker Trading account and proxy account, he will place an order for you. You can give him instructions to use their stock trading software to buy and sell stocks. Previous shares will be assigned to you in paper format. But now these stocks will be credited to electronic accounts in electronic format. You have the right to change the placing broker's order, but the broker can not change your order. This is a security measure that protects the interests of the customer.

Online Stock Trading:

You can open an online stock trading account with leading stock trading companies and you can trade your own. Some companies offering facilities are:


  • Kotak Securities

    These stock trading companies also offer stock trading courses through training courses Educate customers about the basics of equities and how to trade stocks. You can also view the Indian stock market from their website and share market prices. They will also help you share the skills of the stock market to buy stocks.