Subconscious Profits

Simple colors and layouts make making more money different. is a good place to start. Instapage is a free registration capture page that captures targeted leads by name and email. Again, it is completely free. In addition, you can connect it to your website so that your customers will be redirected to. – Wix is ​​a free website editor unless you decide to upgrade later to use domain names and hosting. But now, you need a free editor and subdomain, they can be used free of charge. You can easily link your free capture page to your wix website.

Website color:

red: come in. Maybe buy it. Go out (fast)
yellow: come in and see 10 to 13 minutes. More likely to buy 7%. Go out (slow)
orange: come in. Look 5 to 8 minutes. More likely to buy 19%. Come out (fast)
light blue ((Facebook color) to enter. 15 to 23 minutes. 77% of buyers are more likely to buy. Out (slow)
dark blue: come in. May be purchased 2%. Leave (faster)
Lavender: Enter. See 16 minutes. More likely to buy 9%. Go out (slow)
Deep purple: Come in. See 6 minutes. More likely to buy 5 (19459)

As mentioned above, light blue is the winner. People are emotional creatures. You want them to feel comfortable on your site, not push into the purchase.

Contact your customers to better understand their needs and needs. The best way is to e-mail them in person. Welcome them to your website and find out what they are looking for. Then you can tell them a great

"I understand what you are looking for, I strongly recommend this product.

If you do not have a product product has more than 20,000 kinds of products that can be sold. For each product you sell, you can get 50 % To 75% of the commission. Yes, this is a member site where people can publish products for you and me so that we can sell these products freely.When you make a bigger profit, they earn a little is free to register and sell products for free.

Just create an account and attach your PayPal account to the click on the bank account to receive payment.