Success in puppy search

These numbers will make any pet lovers disgusted, angry and sad. American Humanitarian Computing, where as many as 500,000 puppies are sold in pet stores every year, and many pet stores in these pet stores buy pet from the worst breeder – the so-called puppies factory. If you are in a new furry partner market, what are these small factories (and kittens) with you? Do you know that you are buying purebred? What are you doing

The truth, the puppy factory has the primary responsibility for stricter statistics: up to 25% of purebred puppies suffer genetic difficulties because of poor breeding and as you think, you are buying a dog, You may encounter one of these poor puppies, do not even know.

This may mean that you spend hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars pet, can only let it succumb to a birth defect, and may even die early. Even if this worst case does not occur, buying from the wrong grower may make you an animal that causes a disease due to a disease that the breeder can not tolerate.

Why is it so sad? There is no need when there are so many great and trustworthy breeders who can match a new puppy with love.

In order to find the right breeder, start the local. Your best bet is to find the breeder within driving distance. In this way, you can visit the actual breeding facilities. And there, be sure to detect all the best breeders have the following characteristics:

o Bunch of dogs, play, smile, and show all the other signs of happiness and health. Also note that the puppy is very friendly to the breeder, you and their brothers and sisters.

o The demand for their dogs is greater than they can handle. Often, a breeder's long-term buyer's waiting list is like a puppy's wagging tail – a good sign.

o on the customer's eyes. Good breeders should ask you a lot of questions you ask, such as the reason you want their dog, your previous pet experience, your home has enough space and your family will be responsible for the daily puppy care theme.

o If you provide the correct answer to the above questions, you are willing to show you the parents of the puppy during the visit

o rich knowledge of the dogs they reproduce, including specific recommendations

o Written health assurance shows the vaccination of the puppy

o About what is about the friendly advice on what you should provide for future vaccination and the best way to train and care for puppies

o A guarantee, once again in writing, if you can not, the breeder will be willing to take back the dog at any time.

[1 9459001] o After the purchase to keep in touch for a period of time cautious and thoughtful, check the dog when needed and provide further advice.

If you keep your eyes peeling, your ears feel these signs a good breeder, you do not have to rely on luck or find the right puppy (though those who will not hurt) a good reference. Take your new friend home and you make the right choice, over time, your family and pet bonds that you are about to learn. Your pet will live as a part of your family and live a long and healthy life