Success requires these resources, not a no money

I know a lot of people want to start their own business, they want to have their own bosses, they hate their work, universities and their superiors. They hate to be told how to do or how to do it. Sometimes they want them to be the company's operators. When they tell me their questions, my first question is, "Why do not you do business for yourself? The most common answer is that," how do you have no money to start doing business? "

Most people think that money or capital is the most important resource they need before they start a business, and the other is a great business idea.I will admit that great ideas and capital are important to doing business Factors, but not the most important. In my personal research and observation, there is actually a series of resources within our range that are more important than thought and capital. See if you have them or how to get them.

[1945999] Once gone, never come back

"Do not count the number of hours every day, every day. "

If you have $ 1440 per day deposited in your bank account, would you be helpful? But it was caught that you needed to redraw and use it because once it disappeared,

[1945900] [1945900] [1945900] [1945900] The time management is the key to leading a meaningful life or entrepreneurial Well, we are 24 hours or 1440 minutes a day, but how we use it or manage it will determine how far we are going in life and business. If you are Work, please observe your company's best performers to see how they can use their time effectively and then change your focus to poorly performing people to see what they do during working hours and working hours.

First put your time into meaningful activities. Do research, take business courses and read more about how to maximize your time. Manage your time as you manage your business, You will find that you have more time than you want.

Are you hungry

You are hungry how much you are hungry enough to go out and talk to people, get money to tell people about your business philosophy? Most masters recommend you start part-time business. So if you just want to get experience, or want to start a business It is so good and bad.However, if you do a great job in the business field, then you need to have a sense of urgency which is the hunger in your stomach.

All successful businesses are established in a sense of urgency, and they will win themselves. They put themselves in a situation that can not be lost.

A famous story that illustrates this is the Romans. The Roman general was sent to another country to suppress the enemy there, but they had problems, they bought fewer soldiers than they did, they were less than the motherland, the morale of the soldiers was low, and the appetite for victory was far from enough.

So, a brilliant idea of ​​general thought, he ordered all the ships to sink and cut off all the security lines, and finally he told his soldiers a simple fact. "The only way to go home now is to win the war"

Trying to try again

[1945900] Make sure is trying to try to try to find the right will. There is no business to sail smoothly, but if the determination of success is high enough, most businesses can succeed.

invented the famous inventor of the lamp Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before the success. When a reporter asked him how he felt after 1000 failed, his answer became a real milestone? "I did not fail 1000 times and I just found 999 times why it did not work." Wow.

You are most worried about

courage have the ability to bear the risk of computing. Any entrepreneur to succeed, courage is the need for an exercise. Have you ever wondered why some people can develop further in life while others just sit there envy their eyes? Because those who succeed have the courage to make some dangerous decisions.

They learned that in order to improve the status quo, they needed to make a decision. Will they make mistakes? Of course, they are willing to learn from mistakes, live in the wrong, but do not want to sit there, analysis, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton (Sam Walton) talked about learning from the error, he said: "I have to regain myself, do it again, this time better."

Eleanor Roosevelt said that when she said: "Through every time you really stop to look at the experience of fear, you will gain strength, courage and confidence." I have experienced this horror, I can follow Of things. "You have to do what you think you can not do."


I found that everyone has ambition, but not all are true Ambitious. Well, if you ask all the people you meet if they want to make a million dollars to drive the big beautiful jaguars and live in a nice big house, no one will say no, it's ambition, but if You ask them why not

Ambitious people know what they want to do and work for them, they will draw the most beautiful photos of their life, pay the money in their minds, work hard

A speaker once said: "If you can clearly see what you want, will you sweat?

Do you believe in yourself

Faith In my own definition, faith is "you believe in yourself how much you need to first believe in yourself, others can believe you, you need to convince yourself that you can be in the future (19459010)

They do not believe that they can achieve better results, so they are a simple one. They do not believe that they can achieve better results, so they are a simple one. Survey, I found that most people's self-esteem is poor enough to give them anything

If you can work with some successful entrepreneurs for a week or a month, you will find that most of them are not only for themselves But also in the work of the same

[1945900] [19459] [19459] [19459] From imagination and hard work. From the invisible to the invisible idea.

The world's most successful business begins with creativity. Bill Gates does not start with Microsoft because a lot of people are doing it; he starts, because no one does it.

With his ingenuity and hard work, he brings the idea of ​​Windows in every family, a reality

Soul and Soul

I appreciate those who can mind and soul into the enterprise. It's this invisible magic that will attract many great people to them. I was told that anyone who wants to open, you need money. I believe that if you are ready to integrate your mind and soul into your career, money will come.

If you do not spend time, effort and money into your business, you can not persuade others to invest.

[1945900] Everyone has a personality. The only thing is how does your personality affect your business?

The whole list is more valuable than money. I give you the secrets. Personal Capital This capital is more valuable than money and can protect your future and wealth. Remember that you lack resources.