Sun and Moon Tattoos – Tattoo Design Meaning and Ideas

There are some things about the sun and the moon tattoo, attracting men and women lovers, letting them proudly on the body. Must be their own meaning, or perhaps a vivid color, or perhaps it can emit the sun shines. For whatever reason, this tat theme will surely continue to be lived by any generation of talented tattoo artists on human canvas.

The sun and the moon, even before becoming a normal body of art, have been playing a role in the image. For many cultures around the world, the sun is the male energy, light and warmth of the representatives, and the moon is a symbol of female mystery and creation. When combined as a design, they are treated as two opposing unions, together form a harmonious and balanced. They are the dual representatives of human beings that are needed to achieve balance and stability.

These two striking symbols symbolize the symbol of death and rebirth. The sun has daily rising and setting, while the moon has a monthly waxing and a reduction. The energy of the sun can warm the earth, make the crop mature, while its moon's gravity will affect the waters and control the flow of tides. In fact, these two elements together, so that all balance, perfect harmony.

Sun and Moon Tattoos can be performed in many ways; from bright to bright colors to all black ink on thin or thin lines. They can be made into simple sun and moon tattoos, or can be printed on detailed lines and drawings. They can also be combined with other elements (such as stars, flowers, tribal lines and zodiac signs)

When it comes to the location of the sun and moon tattoos, they can be the best on the back of the neck or neck Tattoo back, chest, arms, feet, lower abdomen, buttocks or lower back. With the huge representation of this tattoo design, you should not waste such a potential artistic image. Find a suitable place to get your tat image and discuss everything with your tattoo artist.