Sun Zi War Art – Power and Strategy Timing

Sunzi emphasizes the importance of both aspects with two analogies, which are motivations and opportunities. With the power, even if there is no physical shape of the water can push the big stones and time is good, the eagle can effortlessly break the prey's body. As shown in the following figure, or Chapter 5 of the "Sun Tzu War Art"

When the gushing water flows down the stone on the boulder, it is because of its momentum. When an eagle's ferocious strike breaks the body of its prey, it is because of the time of the strike. Therefore, the strength and momentum of war is so overwhelming and ferocious, his participation time is accurate and rapid.

[1945900] MOMENTUM

So where are we and how can we use momentum in business? One aspect of what we can use is momentum. When you enter the new market, the first and most important thing you should do is set up your marketing campaign correctly. Your marketing campaign must build the power to continually expose your products and brands to new consumers. Repeat to help consumers better remember your brand and product. So that consumers remember your product and brand approach is a sign, song, slogan and so on. Many consumers tend to learn and absorb things. The logo will attract more people who learn more, jazz and slogans will attract more auditory people. That's why most marketing campaigns have two reasons. For example, NIKE has "only done", HSBC has "the world's local banks" and so on

so repeat will create a driving force for you into the new market. With this momentum, you can let yourself be noticed in new markets and consumers, and consumers on the market today are disappointed and willing to try your product or service. Please note that you must conduct some research on the competitors that are moving in emerging markets. You have to know whether you offer any value proposition for the new market. If your sales are the same, both sales processes and products, you can not keep your initial market share from competitors.


How about the timing? Is business time important? In an article in the Singapore Business Times (February 23, 2005), many niche restaurants are closed soon after opening. This may be partly due to the unfavorable timing of the restaurant opening. They are in the economic downturn when most of the open. So you see, bad time can kill, but good time can make a prosperous person. We see in the investment that if we can buy and sell the stock in time, we will get the most profit, but it is difficult. In business, it is also important to enter the new market, for example, when consumers begin to change the taste or bad economy into the new market, you may not be able to get a lot of sales to maintain your business.

But here it is important to note that these are a good time to implement business decisions. Although the bad economy led to sales decline, but also means that the expansion costs will be reduced. Singapore listed company SEMBAWANG MUSIC expanded its branches during the financial crisis, because only at that time, they want six places cheap, Singapore currency stability, and regional currency devaluation, allowing them to import a large number of music CD low price. (Sunday Times, March 27, 2005, p. 19). In order to put it in another angle, every time there are the right thing and the wrong way.

So how can we get the right time? There are two aspects, one is knowledge and the other is experience. Knowledge allows us to measure the timing of the imminent opportunity, so we can be ready to seize the opportunity. Now we can get the relevant knowledge, but to correctly grasp the timing, which will depend to a large extent on the experience and attitude. Because time is like archery, you can know the wind direction, the strength of the bow, the angle of shooting, etc., but when the actual discovery of the arrow, it needs experience. As the saying goes, "practice perfect", never said "knowledge perfect"