Teaching and Training Sun Rehabilitation – 5 Training Tips Sun Conures to Talk

If you are fortunate to have a sun parrot parrot, then you already know these beautiful birds can bring happy families. They overwhelmed us with warm and friendly behavior, while captivating us with natural beauty. We can from these lovely children where to ask what?

Well, for beginners, you have to remember the sun nuts that belong to the parrot family. If you ever thought about how hard the solar energy teaching and training were, you can always remember that the rules of training parrots apply to training the sun Health

The sun parrot parrot parrot is not as convincing as the Amazon parrot, but there is little difficulty, but the coach and training sun protection is definitely worth our time and energy. I have found five tips on teaching and training for sun care, which will ensure that your life is easier.


The use of the original microphone on the computer, record their own repeat simple and lovely Hello, beautiful birds, how are you, goodbye, etc. and burn the tracks to the CD. When working during the day, repeat the CD in your home stereo system in repetitive mode so that your solar bird can listen to repeat all day long. In about a week he will say these words to you.

The second tip:

If the first tip is like a charm (in my limited years of teaching and training under sun protection, never failed ), Make sure every time he succeeds repeating the sentence, giving him a little food like a pumpkin seed or fruit that promotes your sun parrot parrot.

The third tip:

Train your seat within 5 minutes of the entire week. Sun nuts are delicious birds, you do not want to be depressed or stressed them. It takes only 5 minutes and repeats some phrases to your sun, every time he repeats the tips, praises him for a treat and happy cheers.

[1945900] The fourth tip:

If he did not learn as expected, never played your sun parrot parrot or sprayed his water. Teaching and training the sun health talks need patience. If your sun parrot does not fit, do not hit him or punish him. Instead, end the training and try again in the day or the next day.

[1945900] The fifth tip:

Try to let them use an action to specify a phrase. If you feed your sun guards every day at a given time and you are eating lunch every time you will find lunch time they will link the word to their hunger, and Will consciously say those words when it's time to eat lunch.

If you are really committed to teaching and training the sun healthy, you will find that these 5 tips will help you keep your pet sun parrot parrot no time I suggest you start using a simple word, such as hello or its name, with your sun parrot parrot for just 5 minutes of training.
According to the rest of the skills about 2 weeks, if the practice is correct, you will see your sunny speech vocabulary has a lot of improvement.

Someone knows that 75% of the sun parrot parrot owners have never heard them say a word or phrase? Studies have shown that the owners of most sun parrot parrots do not even know that their health may be trained to speak or perform skills. Learn how to do these two!
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