Textbuyit – Price Check by Mobile

Amazon has ever done the smartest thing, and it is an Internet giants now reason why the site is not just a place to buy and sell products but get information. Now, people usually go to Amazon just to learn more about products, read customer reviews and compare prices. With its latest features, Textbuyit (TM), Amazon as a price checker and open a brand new sales portal.

Amazon Textbuyit allows mobile phone users to find products and pricing, and even buy items from Amazon – all via SMS. The service is free (except for standard message costs), anyone can use it, just send text messages to 262966 (AMAZON). This is the way it works: User news about the keywords of the product (for example – looking for pricing in the book "Pistol: Pete Maravich's Life", I sent a message saying "Pistol: Maravich") And after about a minute later, the sender will receive a text message containing two numbered items and prices. From there, the user can have more results, the text "m", the item number followed by "d" more details (including the item's stock and its average Amazon star rating) or text back to the item number (1 or 2 )buy. If a person chooses to purchase a project, the person will immediately receive a call on his or her cell phone to confirm the order.

Textbuyit gives people a convenient way to compare prices with the ability to purchase items via SMS (the main reason Amazon offers). Since Amazon usually has some of the lowest prices around, it is common practice for many people to buy anything before doing a quick Amazon search. Textbuyit enables people to carry out such a price check in a bookstore, a music store or an electronic store – there is actually no call or pull out a laptop. If a person finds an item cheaper on Amazon, they can order immediately. Amazon does not charge an additional fee for ordering through text, but the user should be aware that Amazon's text price quotes do not include shipping and handling (although items are generally free for more than $ 25).

The new mobile phone service is an innovative idea from an online retailer, its unique everyday use, and its interest in expanding its usefulness (if it is intended to promote sales). In addition to this new service, Amazon has also recently worked with TiVo to enable individuals to shop through their TV. Writing about inventions and new technologies, Amazon seems to appear again and again in the article – it is not a coincidence. With computers, televisions and cell phones in bags, all the needs of Amazon are iPods from all angles to fight against consumers. When many traditional retailers are still reluctant or clumsy to use technology to promote sales, Amazon is so brave and active to do so. Most importantly, the site and its related services are actually useful to consumers.