The Benefits of Investing in Stocks

This represents your interest in investing a year later. In 2007, Nigerian First Bank paid an N1 dividend, Zenith Bank paid an N1 dividend and Flour Mill Nigeria paid 90,000 dividends.
For example, since Zenith Bank announces a dividend of N1 per share, this means that if you own 10,000 units of Zenith Bank shares, you are entitled to N10,000. N10,000 will be issued to you as dividend stock (net of withholding tax).

I read the story of a man who received a dividend of 4 million naira from the bonus paid by the first bank of Nigeria in 2006. This person has 4 million units of First Bank shares in 2005 when a man retires. In all his working years, he did not invest in another stock, but the first bank stock and the United Bank shares. In 2006, First Bank Nigeria gave a one (1: 1) bonus, which is shared with each one, and you have them to give you another one. The total shares of this man doubled to 8 million units. First Bank also announced a dividend of N1 per share, so the elderly to N4 home, there are millions of dividends. No matter where you are now, financially, you can get through the Nigerian stock market. You can build your fortune through the market.

Bonus Shares

These are additional shares that are available from the Company's existing investors the company.

1992 10,000 units – – 10,000 units
1993 10,000 units 1 [1] The first bank of Nigeria's bonus history

Year – Ownership – Bonus ratio – Free stock – 3,333 13,333 Units
1994 13,333 Units 1 1 13,333 26,666 Units
1995 26,666 Units 1 4 6,666 33,332 Units
1996 33,332 Units 1 4 8,333 41,665 Units
1997 – – –
1998 41,665 Units 4 4 10,416 52,081 Units
1999 52,081 Units 1 4 4 13,020 65,101 Units
2000 65,101 Units 1 4 4 16,275 81,376 Units
2001 81,376 Units 1 4 4 20,344 101,720 Units
2002 101,720 Units 1 for 4 25,430 127,150 units
2003 127,150 units 1 for 5 25,430 152,580 units
2004 152,580 units 1 for 8 19,072 171,652 units
2005 171,652 units 1 for 6 28,608 200,260 units 2006 200,260 Units 1 200,260 400,520 units 1 200,260 400,520 units

The shares of First Bank in 1992 are N2. If you invested 20,000 Naira (N20,00) in 1992, buy 10,000 units to see the bonus history until the date shown In the first quarter of 2006, when First Bank shares were sold to the N72, it would be worth more than 28 million naira. In addition, the bonus history shows that in 1992 the purchase of the first bank shares of 10,000 units has increased to 400,520 units. What a great compounding! [194590042] Capital appreciation

You enjoy capital appreciation because of the increase in the market price of the stock you buy. In the past two years, the stock price of the Nigerian Stock Exchange has witnessed tremendous growth. In 1992, the first bank was N2, and in the first quarter of 2006, it moved to N72. A significant increase. Japan's oil and shipping in December 2006 was 0.99k, and by October 2007 it rose to N6.02k.
RT Brisco N2.8 N32
GT Bank N5.2 N36.19

UACN N4.1 N40. Nestlé Nigerian shares were traded in March 2003 by the Nasdaq Nigerian Stock Exchange (Nasdaq: NZN), which was acquired in March 2003 by the Nasdaq Nigerian Stock Exchange (Nasdaq: NZNG), which was traded on the Nasdaq Nigerian Stock Exchange in March 2003.


Loan Collateral

Your shares may be used as collateral to obtain loans from banks. If you need to loan capital items or expand your business, your stock may be all you need to endure the pain of endless searching for money.

Protect Your Money from Inflation

Your investment in the stock market is a means of protecting your money from the tide of inflation. Your money can continue to work for you, without devaluing the value.