The Current State of the Indian Stock Market

At present, the Indian stock market has been in a state of panic. This is because India's NSE and India's mad cow disease plunged for the third consecutive week. The rapid flow of foreign funds and large investment with Indian investors, the power of the bulls rule the supremacy. But the situation lasted a very short time. Bear market growth momentum after the holiday season, that Diwali will be 21,000 plus BSE sensex benchmark loss of more than 1,800 points. Even the beauty of the NSE of India is showing a similar fate. No investor can eliminate the power of bears and bulls. This is a common event in the NSE BSE market.

There are several reasons for the slump in nifty and BSE sensex. Here's a list:

  • 2G Spectral scam creates political instability; it does produce inhibition of the NSE BSE market Impact
  • Housing finance bribery scams involve senior officials from top financial institutions and PSUs; this scam is CBI-unearthed.
  • China's monetary tightening and so on.

The above factors account for the current downward trend. One reason for the rapid rise in BSE sensex is the fact that foreign investors, who contribute primarily to capital inflows, are not involved in the sale. According to market statistics and the latest news, not many sellers came in before Diwali, but after the row of drains, the net sales rupee. 350 billion rubles suddenly led to a continuous decline.

However, the greatest downturn occurred during the recession, which greatly affected the world market, including India's NSE and India's BSE. The market is indeed recovering, with particular reference to the rapid recovery of Indian equities.

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