The Disadvantages of E-Books

Now more and more people like e-book traditions because it can save time and money. However, with the flooding of various e-books, more and more people are aware of the shortcomings of e-books.

The fact that an ebook requires a special device or a personal computer can be seen as a drawback. Many ebooks usually produce compatibility with some software, and some software may not be easy to obtain. Because e-books rely on other devices, some hardware or software failures may affect it. Unless the e-book reader requires hardware, Internet connection or battery power is easy to obtain, otherwise its electronic file is useless. In addition, e-books that rely on hardware and software are more likely to be damaged than printed books

E-book readers are certainly more expensive than printed books. All devices in the e-book require power. At present e-books may not be accessible or are compatible with future e-book software or equipment, growing concerns.

Screen glare and eye fatigue are serious problems with many potential users of e-books. The main concern of reading from e-book readers may hurt the eyes. The display resolution of computer screens and electronic devices is much lower than the print quality produced by the press.

Read the lack of reading books from the computer familiarity and comfort. A book can open flip, electronic text more difficult to navigate

E-book life is unreliable. Paper life is much longer than most digital storage forms. Due to the rapid development of the new computer system, it is difficult to judge whether the hardware and software are outdated. With the development of new hardware, it is necessary to build a structure to migrate existing materials to the new platform so that it can still be accessed. It is also necessary to develop a method of saving electronic documents. The high reliability of the equipment must be part of the electronic equipment that handles the printed books.

It is difficult to distinguish yourself from "almost anyone". Almost anyone can make e-books, in order to make your book equivalent to a "real" book, you should find and evaluate several e-book publishers before trading, a gorgeous website can not guarantee to be an excellent publication Business, look at their e-books, see if you fit this mix.